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Local Projects

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  Community Garden We leased a banana grove in a region with good water.  We are working to transform it into a productive garden to take advantage of this country's wonderful growing season.  We are also experimenting with planting Moringa trees there.  The Moringa tree offers many health benefits to the Haitians including protein, anti-inflammatory properties and amino acids.

• Goat program - A wonderful way to support a family in Montrouis by providing milk and cheese. Goats are purchased in the local market, de-wormed and ear-tagged, then given to a deserving and responsible family. The family returns to the mission coordinator one of the twins born two times. The goat is then totally owned by the needy family to start their own goat herd. The returned babies will be raised and then given to more needy families.

  School Sponsorship and Feeding Program  We are committed to keeping kids in school and feeding them twice per day M-F, even in the summer. If you choose to sponsor a specific child, we will provide updates and deliver letters or gifts between you and your selected child.

Continue supporting local entreprenuers to identify and help establish sustainable businesses.  Examples in progress:
  • Using a motorcycle as a taxi service
  • Purchasing a fishing boat and equipment
  • Creating a goat farm 

On-going support and improvements:
  • Family housing
  • Churches and orphanages
  • Children education, clothing and family support

Our goal is to help Haitians in a sustainable way, not to be a hand-out.