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Changing Lives through the Love of Christ

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Your Giving - Thank You

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Instructions to Give:
If there is a special interest for your contribution, you can click the 'Special Instructions' link below and fill out the Email that will pop-up.  This will go to our Treasurer who insure your contribution will go to the right place.  If you do not click this link, then your contribution will go to the greatest need.
100 percent of all contributions go to needs in Haiti.  We have fund raisers to meet the administrative needs.  

Special Instructions  (Send an Email)

Using Paypal:
PayPal has been around for a along time.  It is considered the normal way to give using a credit card.  It is very secure and used globally.  However, not everyone is ok with PayPal and if that's your situation, can click the Special Instruction link below and send a note to our Treasurer for other means to donate.  In either case, thank you for helping this ministry make a difference in Haiti .

Ways you can help:
  • Pray - for us and for Haiti!
• Become a Ministry Partner! Set up auto-draft option using our link, through your bank’s bill pay or mail us your check. Money goes directly to need and is tax deductible.
• Sponsor children: $25/month general or $200/year specific child
• Purchase a goat to support a family. $70
• Purchase a water filter for community groups (churches, orphanages, children programs, etc,) $350
• Gather supplies for us to deliver – shoes, personal hygiene, medical items, etc.

If you shop using Amazon try this Free way to give