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It Begins Here

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The Bauknight Family - Feb 2016

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The Reed Family -June 2016

Our names are Slate and Ginger Bauknight from Hartwell, Georgia. We and our 3 children, Clay, Luke and Rebekah, were blessed to go on our first mission trip out of the country to Montrouis, Haiti with our church, Mt. Olivet Baptist, in February of 2016. Words really can’t describe how we felt and we were changed by the sweet but desperately poor people there. Our hearts were immediately captured by those we met. They have such a pure faith...they depend upon God because they don’t have anything else. 

We could hear orphans singing each morning before dawn each morning, praising God. “He loves me when I cannot see….He will make a way for me”.  These are the same children that played with one small piece of a jigsaw puzzle, or a broken doll, and eat the same rice and beans every meal if they can get it. No grass, no shoes, no mom and dad, but singing before starting their day! You can’t experience that and not be inspired to do something…to do anything but nothing. God is making a way, and He will use you if you are willing!

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